Become a Dog-Body-Language Detective! Dog-Bite Prevention Presentation & Workshop

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This is not a library sponsored event.

Purpose of Meeting

Class Description: Dogs are amazing animals and have the potential to bring an abundance of joy into people's lives!! Most dogs are also very strong, fast, and have extremely powerful jaws!! Since dogs are such a popular pet in our communities it's really important for people (owners and non-owners) to make the time to learn more about dogs as a species and how they communicate. Dogs don't have a spoken language like we do, however they do have rich emotional lives, and they often "wear their emotions on their sleeve". Almost every single body part on a dog has a story to tell! All we have to do is pay close attention and look for clues to tell us how they're feeling. Please join us for a presentation and workshop on reading canine body language to reduce the chances of your kids or you being bit, and to set yourself and your family up for safer, more enjoyable interactions with willing dogs!! Class is geared toward school-aged kids but all people will benefit. (FYI: No live dogs are permitted at this location.)